Affiliate Program

The DJI Affiliate Program is an online marketing platform that allows partners to promote our products online. Register, share our unique referral links, and earn commission when customers purchase our products via your links. It’s that simple.

Share an affiliate link

Log in to our affiliate account to get unique referral links and share them online.
Alternatively, you can add advertisement plugins to your website.

A customer buys a product

Someone clicks your link and buys from our Online Store.


You get commission!

A commission payment will be transferred to your account as long as the product is not returned and refunded within 15 days.


Common Q&A

What should I know before becoming an affiliate?

30-day cookie period. Orders made within 30 days of clicking your link will be considered an affiliate sale.


When will I receive a commission?
Promos8 Affiliates will receive commission 30 days after the customer confirms the sale, assuming no refund is requested during this period.


What types of promotion are not permitted?
To keep the Affiliate Program as fair as possible, certain promotional methods are not permitted, including but not limited to distributing false information, internet traffic interception, search engine marketing, and advertising with keywords.

Do I earn a commission if an order is paid for with coupons?
No. Orders paid with coupons will not yield commissions.

How can I calculate commission amounts?
Commission = Final Order Amount * Rate of Commission

If you share a referral link for a particular product, but a customer ends up purchasing another product, the commission will be calculated based on the product they purchased.

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